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 By connecting mechanical, control and electronic equipment (mechanical integration) to design and manufacture production equipment matching with customers, we design, manufacture, transform and relocate customized production equipment to meet customers' requirements. We focus on assembling inspection equipment and build a system including production data management and special equipment. In terms of automation, pinsen's design philosophy is to save manpower, improve production efficiency and increase the reliability of equipment. We fully understand the needs of customers and provide them with comprehensive solutions.



 Automobile Air Conditioning Industry 

  Productionline of automobile air conditioning  HVAC assemblyAutomobile air conditioning HVAC 

assembly testing equipmen Experimental equipment for HVAC 

assembly of automobile air  conditioner

 Automobile air conditioning HVAC assembly equipment



ECU Testing Equipment

Program burning: is the device automatically completes the specified burning program path to download to ECU, and when the program burning, set the code segment and current download program code segment comparison, only correct can download, the main purpose is to avoid program burning errors.

Function detection: according to the customer set detection process table to detect, detect the standby current of ECU, PIN pin, number of pulses, dormant current, simulate the original car signal, high and low level changes.And so on.

  Electronic products & Software 

We use personal computers and microcomputers to design and manufacture customized electronic devices.

We will discuss specifications with customers to clarify requirements. We can respond to electronic circuit hardware design, microcomputer / PC software design, printed circuit board manufacturing, shell design and manufacturing, and realize the equipment that best meets customers' requirements.


         ·battery thermal management controller

         Used for battery temperature control of electric bus

         ·portable automobile air conditioning unit detector


        Check the actuator, blower and temperature  resistance of air conditioning unit

         ·digital picking system

         ·Error proofing controller for production line


       It is mainly used for error proofing control of each  

       position in the production line and bar code misplacement



Other customized products 


Our company can accept the customized service of non-standard products,

Development, design, manufacture, installation and adjustment of various special mechanical equipment

 Skilled personnel dispatch service (long/short term)


  It can provide high skilled personnel dispatch service for other companies at home or abroad, and can serve any company. The personnel dispatched by pinsen include R & D personnel, production personnel, etc. the dispatch of highly skilled personnel can be divided into long-term or short-term, just to meet customer requirements











lSoftware industry personnel dispatch   

 Control software programming, Java software programming, mobile software programming




lpersonnel l dispatch in automation industry

    Circuit design, mechanical design, PLC programming, equipment assembly and debugging




lElectronic technology industry personnel dispatch  

  PCB design, MCU programming, electronic equipment assembly and debugging